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Chess Score Sheets – Free PDF Download

If you want to write down your chess moves in an over-the-board game or tournament, you’ll need a scoring sheet. While you can buy these in most chess online shops, there is no harm in saving a bit of money by downloading your own chess score sheets and printing them at home. That’s why we created this free PDF scoring sheet for you to download and use:

Download Our Free PDF Chess Score Sheets

Or click this link: Chess Notation Sheets.

How You Can Use Our Chess Score Sheets

Feel free to use, edit, republish and distribute our free chess notation sheets in any way you like, as long as you attribute us. For example, you could use this HTML-Code to link directly to this page:

<a href="https://chessily.com/chess-score-sheets/">Chess Score Sheets</a>

What is a Chess Score Sheet?

A chess score sheet serves as a record-keeping device in over-the-board chess games. It allows you to write down all moves as well as relevant information about the game in an organized fashion.

Typically, a score sheet contains the following fields:

  • The event name and place
  • The time and date of the event
  • The round number
  • Your board number
  • The game number
  • The opening that was played
  • The names of both opponents
  • All the played moves (obviously)
  • A final score
  • The signatures of both players

How To Use a Notation Sheet

Before you can use a notation sheet, you need to know how to write down your chess moves in algebraic notation.

Generally, is is your own responsibility to document all your (and your opponents!) moves during a chess tournament. Those moves must be noted in algebraic notation and recorded before making the subsequent move, with the exception of instances where a player has under five minutes left on their clock and there is no 30-second increment between moves. Different rules might apply at different tournaments, so be sure to consult with the tournament arbiter to be on the safe side. When participating in official FIDE tournaments, you must also be mindful of various other requirements as outlined in FIDE’s handbook.

Benefits of a Chess Score Sheet

Notation sheets have two main benefits:

  • Avoiding the possibility of disagreements after the game
  • Creating a record of the game, thus making analysis easier

Upon the conclusion of the game, both players sign each other’s score sheet, indicating their agreement with the moves recorded, as well as the final score. With that, you avoid any potential conflicts about moves and final score.

Not only do score sheets reduce the possibility of disagreements outside of the game, but they also provide an excellent tool for game analysis. Having access to the full game and its moves is valuable to replay and analyse the game afterwards. In over-the-board tournaments we don’t have the luxury of auto-recorded moves that Chess.com or Lichess offer, so it is up to us to write down the moves to use later – that’s what a score sheet is for.

I'll Tell You Exactly How I Increased My Rating +100 Points in Just 9 Days...

Let me help you get your chess to the next level – no matter your starting point!

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